SiteGround WordPress Hosting has been the talk out of the town ever since it first launched. Well, is all the buzz worth it? Would I recommend SiteGround for your WordPress Hosting? Read on…

Choosing a good hosting for your WordPress Website is hands down the most challenging part. Especially when there are so many options available in the market.

But I can help you make the right decision. I have curated a review of SiteGround for WordPress based on my personal experience for you all to actually understand both sides of the coin.

SiteGround was founded by four University friends in 2004. Fast forward to 2020, SiteGround stands as one of the best WordPress Hosting Providers. SiteGround’s innovation and cutting edge features have indeed impressed the WordPress users across the world.

Let’s begin with the three most important characteristics that one must keep in mind while choosing a hosting for their WordPress Website.

SiteGround’s Uptime

SiteGround's Uptime

Uptime is the duration for which your server can run.

SiteGround promises an uptime of 99.99%. From experience with SiteGround, I would say that they have certainly kept their promise.

SiteGround keeps your website up and running at all times with almost no downtime at all.

SiteGround’s Speed

A slow-loading page can put off even the warmest of leads.

With SiteGround, load time is one aspect that you don’t have to worry about at all. 

It’s not just fast but is also extremely consistent. It keeps up its pace even during peak traffic hours.

SiteGround’s Customer Support

SiteGround promises 24*7 live customer support.
Trust me, they have not failed to deliver their promises. No query goes unattended at SiteGround. Their highly experienced staff provide you with support in many forms. Be it through tele-calling, tickets or live chat, the service is marvelous. 

Besides, the huge knowledge library of SiteGround is quite sufficient enough for one to get their queries solved.

SiteGround WordPress Hosting’s Features 

This WordPress Hosting Provider has become the talk of the town within a few days of its launch and it still continues to top the lists.

Besides Affordability, its interface is suitable for both beginners and professionals equally yet in different ways is what sets SiteGround apart.

Here are some other excellent features of SiteGround-

Free CDN Services

Free CDN services add brownie points to any website because they ensure that the load time is fast enough for any visitor from across the world. SiteGround provides these services for free.

Your visitors from other countries can simply connect to their closest service and get the same seamless user experience.

All-Round Security
SiteGround provides a sturdy security system for your WordPress Website. First of all, a powerful firewall guards your site by not allowing any access and by closely monitoring any breaches.

Every time a vulnerability is encountered, it is immediately tackled by the host at a severe level.

In-House Caching

Caching is absolutely essential for a better performing website.

SiteGround takes care of this too. It’s a maiden caching plugin for WordPress called the SiteGround SuperCacher makes you ditch any third-party caching as it efficiently manages it all for you. 

Besides the above features, SiteGround also offers other features that are worth mentioning. Daily backups, exclusive eCommerce features, and free site migration are just to name a few.

SiteGround SSL Certificates

SiteGround's SSL certificate

Security is important for every website on the internet. In fact, Google has been taking this aspect of a website quite seriously. If your website is not secured, a red mark flashes on the site. So in the current times, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that SSL is absolutely mandatory for a Website.

SiteGround completely simplifies this process for you. The hosting provider makes security such an easy task for users that even the beginner can install it within a few minutes.

In fact, SiteGround’s SSL certificate is one feature that the market is raving for. 

SiteGround offers 3 SSL plans out of which two are premium and ”Let’s Encrypt” is the one that provides SSL certificate for free.

Pros of using SiteGround Hosting for WordPress

  1. Features that make a Website owner’s life easy – Free SSL, migration and CDN services, in-House Caching and many more
  2. Its characteristics like Speed, Up-time and Support System are top-notch and par excellence
  3. A free one month trial, 30-day money return guarantee, easy-to-use interface make it easy for a person to choose SiteGround over the others.

Cons of using SiteGround Hosting for WordPress

1.Higher Renewal Price

Even though a new customer is bestowed with several discounts, the existing customer has to pay the full price once his subscription expires.

2.New Hike in Prices 

The infamous increase in SiteGround’s prices might have rubbed people the wrong way. 

But I still see it in a positive light. 

That is because SiteGround has constantly updated itself and the features are only getting better with time. Increasing the process is just an indication of better services and greater value.

3. Lesser Data Storage

SiteGround provides lesser storage space. But this is only true when it is compared to other hosting providers. An average WordPress Website would only need a storage space of 2-3 GB and SiteGround offers tenfold than that.

SiteGround’s Plans & Pricing

SiteGround's Pricing and Plans

Like the Hosting Provider says, it has plans crafted for every size.

The Three plans are provided at a discounted price for a new user. The existing customers must pay the full price to renew the subscription.

  • Startup: As the names suggest, it has been curated with Start-Ups kept in mind. You get to have only one site with 10 GB Web Space. The plan comes for $14.99/month but a new user gets it for $6.99/month.
  • Growbig: With this plan, you get to host multiple websites, access the Caching technology and get double the Webspace. The cost is $24.99/month and the discounted price is $9.99/month.
  • GoGeek: The plan lets you host unlimited websites with 40 GB webspace, caching technology, staging feature and other Premium and Geek WordPress features. The original price and the discounted prices are $39.99/mo and $14.99 respectively.

The plan you choose must depend on the size of your business or goal.

The Verdict!

Would I recommend SiteGround for your WordPress hosting? The answer would be a straight yes!

That is not just because of the great features it provides for a WordPress Website but because I am myself a proud and happy customer of SiteGround. While there are some minor drawbacks to the provider, the pros of it weigh down everything else.

My experience with WordPress has been a commendable one. Thanks to SiteGround. I strongly recommend all the beginners as well as the experienced ones to invest in SiteGround and let the magic unfold.