Handling a website or a blog can get real hectic sometimes. From uploading new content regularly to making the site SEO friendly, monitoring the site traffic to monetizing it. Phew! That’s hard! But worry no more! Google is soon gonna launch its all-new plugin (beta) that is going to be an all-in-one integration of the best Google Tools for WordPress. This free, open source plugin is going to be an amazing boon to all the bloggers and digital marketers out there. Read the full blog to know the Site Kit Plugin’s mind blowing features.

4 most essential google tools at one place

Google, in its initial version of the plugin, has integrated the 4 most essential Google Tools that will help you grow, optimize and monetize your WordPress website. 1) Google Search Console: Search Console is a tool which will help you understand and track how Google views and crawls your website. It will provide you with information about your website if it has an issue that would affect its Google Ranking or SEO. 2) Google Analytics: Google Analytics will help you track your website’s traffic, understand your users, and how these users navigate your website. 3) Google AdSense: Google AdSense is the tool used for monetizing your website. It will help you monitor your earnings on your website. 4) PageSpeed Insights: PageSpeed Insights will help you analyze your website’s speed and provides suggestions or recommendations to make your website faster. This is going to help you avoid the need to open multiple tabs for Google Analytics, Search Console and other such tools. With access to all these tools at one place, i.e. – the SiteKit Dashboard on WordPress -, it is going to be a huge timesaver.

All the information you need in one dashboard

With the information that has been provided on the Google Site Kit website, we can easily make use of the multitude of information about the website traffic, impressions, clicks, number of unique visitors, and more. All in a single & convenient location.


get regular updates and recommedation on your site performance

The Google Site Kit will also be helping you with an authoritative and up-to-date recommendation from Google. You will get to know how your site performs compared to your competitor’s website, and also get regular tips on improving your website all within your WordPress dashboard.

It will give you a combined stats and metrics on how well your posts have been performing. It will even update you whenever you hit a milestone in your journey to developing your site. Isn’t that encouraging & reassuring?

get useful insights to track every single webpage performance

One of my favorite feature that has been mentioned on Google Site Kit’s site is the individual page analytics. The Site Kit plugin allows one to learn how a particular page is doing with a single click on one’s admin bar.

Setting up this plugin is relatively hassle-free. With just a simple 3-step process you can get this amazing plugin setup on your WordPress site. When all is said and done just remember that these are just the features for the first version (the beta version). There will be more features added to their upcoming versions.

Beta will be released during early 2019

Google has mentioned that the Site kit will be open to beta testers in early 2019, but you can request early access for the beta version. Click here to register.

Excited about Google’s Site Kit? Let us know in the comments below on how you think ‘Google Site Kit’ could help change your website & blogging journey.