With the whole world going digital, the online world is the best place to advertise & sell your product or services. Gone are the days when Television ads or newspaper ads were the go-to-strategy for marketing. Digital Marketing is cheaper than traditional marketing, has tons of targeting and placement options. Online Marketing is the best way to scale-up your business today. 

Here are the top 7 reasons why I think Digital Marketing will do wonders for your business:

1) Digital Marketing fits your budget

Not every business has the money or budget to spend on advertising through traditional marketing. This is where digital marketing comes to the rescue. You don’t have to empty your pockets to promote your business anymore. Digital Marketing works with any budget, but not when the budget is too low, of course! 

According to Google, businesses using digital marketing strategies have 2.8 times better revenue growth expectancy than companies that don’t. It is very cost-effective as it provides a better ROI (Return of Investment) than any form of Traditional Marketing ever could, meaning that you get better results even with a pretty decent budget online!  

2) Digital Marketing targets your potential customers 

Why target a huge irrelevant audience for a high budget when you can target people who are more likely to become potential customers for a much cheaper budget. With almost every living human being on earth using the internet on a daily basis, the Internet tracks & analyses almost every online user’s behavior & interest. 

Digital marketing helps you to target people who are most likely to be interested in your brand, product, or service. You can target not only people based on their interests, but also target your audience based on their age group, gender, & geographical location. 

3) The Internet is where your customers & competitors are

With millions of people having access to the internet, think how many thousands of those people could be your potential customers. There is a high probability that they may be looking for businesses such as yours. Unfortunately, when you don’t have a proper digital presence, your competitors’ end up getting all the attention that you should be getting.  

In research, it was found that one of the top reason people say they are on social media is to buy products advertised to them. People spent 37% of their social media time engaging with branded content and products. With this much potential opportunity to promote your brand, why sacrifice all this attention for your competitors?  

4) Digital Marketing lets you measure & optimize performance  

Everything can is measurable in digital marketing, which is what I love about online marketing. Measuring how your social media marketing platforms or other marketing platforms are performing, analyzing your performance, tweaking & optimize them for maximum results that you desire, etc. The list goes on.

With online marketing, you can measure all the following information in incredible detail: 

  • How much reach did your content gain
  • How many people engaged with your content 
  • How many of those people are male or female 
  • How many people liked, shared, commented on that content 
  • Which online source led them to your website 
  • How many people in a day visited your website or social media page 
  • What is the bounce rate of your webpage 
  • How much time does the average person spend on your website 
  • Which area or demographic are your visitors from 
  • What keywords did they use to find you 
  • How much amount you have paid for each result           
  • And more … 

With all this information in digital marketing, you can easily understand your online marketing performance & work on improving your digital marketing strategy for your business. With traditional marketing, this is not even remotely possible! 

 5) Digital Marketing has multiple platforms that are fit for your business

 Since the advent of the internet, many social media and online platforms have popped up in recent years & the in numerous apps that support those platforms have come into the market. Each of these platforms is unique in their own way & offer their own set of benefits for building up your brand.  

 Let’s look at some of these platforms & their benefits to your business: 

  • Facebook

With 2 Billion monthly active users on Facebook, it is best for driving engagement and for building brand awareness with posts and videos. 

  • Twitter

With 328 Million monthly active users, Twitter is best for customer servicing and for building engagement. 

  • Instagram

With 800 Million monthly active users, Instagram is best for businesses who want to drive engagement and product consideration through highly visual content.

  • YouTube

With 180 Million hours of YouTube videos being watched every day, YouTube is best for businesses who want to drive brand awareness and brand consideration through videos.

  • LinkedIn

With 260 Million monthly active users, LinkedIn is best for businesses who want to drive brand awareness for B2B prospects.

  • Pinterest

With 200 Million monthly active users, Pinterest is best for businesses who want to increase traffic and sales through their website.  

 6)  Digital Marketing allows you to scale & adapt to the changing marketing terrain.

When it comes to marketing, it is a forever evolving field which evolves as people evolve with their buying preferences & changing behaviors. For e.g., with the rise of smartphones over laptops or desktop computers, this change has highly impacted the way that marketing used to happen.  

The advantage of digital marketing is that these advertising platforms adapt to such changes, thus improving the user’s experience. Online marketing helps you to stay in tune to these changes & in providing the best platform for marketing for the users as well as the marketers.  

 7) Digital Marketing helps you connect with the growing smartphone users     

As stated above, the rise of smartphone users has increased drastically over the years. Over half of the world’s online users use their mobile or smartphones to browse the internet. They use their smartphone to look for nearby restaurants, read reviews, or buy products off the internet.  

With customers spending more than five hours a day on their phones, digital marketing makes it much easier for us to reach people on said mobile devices, smartphones, and tablets.  


Digital Marketing, being more cost-effective & providing a broader reach to your targeted audience than traditional marketing, drives brand awareness to your potential customers exponentially! Plot a digital marketing strategy & start building a robust digital presence. Measure your performance using various analytic tools & optimize them to get maximum results. 


With Digital Marketing, you can do wonders for your business. Take advantage of this fantastic gift from the gods to your business & start Digital Marketing today!