Digital Marketing is an ever-evolving field. As people evolve and their needs and preferences change; so does the trends of digital marketing. You need to be present where your audience is and you as a digital marketing expert or as someone who uses digital marketing to run your business, needs to keep up with the ever-evolving digital marketing trends.

Simply put, these trends can’t and shouldn’t be ignored. If these trends are ignored, you will eventually fail in the long run in this online marketing world.

But no need to worry folks!

I have done some pretty intense research on the up and coming digital marketing trends of 2019. I have added some important points that other blogs (from my research) have failed to mention as well. Read this article till the end, and learn the 13 key digital marketing trends that you need to know, and also learn how to leverage these trends to improve your digital marketing strategy in 2019.

1) Instagram in on the rise among millennials

According to a study by Pew Research Center in the U.S., the number of teenage Facebook users have declined over the past three years from 71% in 2015 to 51% in 2018 and the number of teenage Instagram users has surged from  52% in 2015 to 72% in 2018.

It is clear that Instagram is on the rise and it is surely going to dominate Facebook when it comes to social media among millennials. So, if you are going to target a younger audience below the age of 30, then you should concentrate more on Instagram rather than Facebook.

Instagram trends and facts to look out for in 2019:
  • Instagram advertising is on the rise. Almost half the advertisements are run on Instagram when compared to Facebook.

  • Instagram works better for you if you are a B2C. If you are B2C, spend more time on Instagram this year.

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  • IGTV (Instagram TV) is gonna be a big thing in 2019. Instagram is trying to take big steps to make IGTV more like YouTube but better. If you are not using IGTV by 2019. Then you are making a grave mistake (Just exaggerating a bit).

  • Instagram is on the lookout for fake followers. Stop buying fake followers and using third-party apps for following and unfollow methods. Instagram may terminate you.

  • ‘Instagram Story Ads’ have been popular since their release. Create your ‘ad creatives’ dedicated for Instagram Stories.

  • Posting Instagram Stories and going live regularly will improve your engagement rate and your Instagram account performance will go up.
  • Influencer marketing on Instagram is on the rise. If done correctly, it will rake in a good amount of engagement for your business.
  • Instagram is going to be e-commerce friendly with all its cool on-app shopping options. If you own an e-commerce shop, well, meet Instagram!

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2) Facebook is still on the top of the game:

Facebook may be trending down when it comes to millennials, but make no mistake, Facebook is still the #1 social media platform with over 2.27 billion monthly active users. The number of teen Facebook users may be decreasing, but Facebook has the most impressive number of users above the age of 30.

If you are a business or a marketer who wants to target the older demographic, then hands down, Facebook is the one for you.

Facebook trends and facts to look out for in 2019:
  • Facebook’s organic reach is on the decline. Invest in ads so your content reaches the right people.
  • Facebook has rolled out a new campaign management update called Value-Based Lookalike Audiences that lets you identify and target people similar to your customers, based on online and offline behaviors.
  • ‘Augmented Reality Ads’ is going to be a big thing in 2019. It is a smart way to make your audience experience and visualize your product.

  • Facebook Stories and Facebook Live will help you improve engagement organically in 2019.

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3) B2B? LinkedIn has got your back this 2019:

When it comes to B2B, marketers have always been worried that social media might just not work for them. With Facebook and Twitter’s recent algorithm changes, organic reach has also become harder for B2B marketers.

But worry not, LinkedIn has always been a big boon to the B2B Industry. It has been the go-to platform of every smart B2B marketers out there. LinkedIn is a great platform for driving traffic to your business website, to promote content and most importantly to generate quality leads. According to Foundation, LinkedIn drives more than 50% of all social traffic to B2B websites and blogs.

What more do you want to hear? If you are a B2B, get on LinkedIn today to drive your business this 2019!

LinkedIn trends and facts to look out for in 2019:
  • LinkedIn SlideShare has more than 70 million monthly active users. Leverage this platform to create a strong impression of your business with your clients and audiences.
  • As stated above, LinkedIn contributes to more than 50% of social traffic to B2B blogs. Start sharing your blog on LinkedIn. Link out your articles to your website to generate blog traffic.

4) Micro – Influencers to the rescue

Influencer Marketing has been a great strategy to drive brand awareness and customer acquisition. People nowadays trust influencers more than traditional celebrity brand ambassadors.

According to a study, 6 in 10 Teens follow advice from influencers over traditional celebrities from TV or movies. These influencers can be an Instagrammer, or a Twitter or YouTube celebrity and these influencers have thousands of followers and fans who worship them. While influencer marketing has been a fast-growing online marketing strategy for many brands today, they have become quite costly.

This is where micro-influencers come to the rescue!

Micro-influencers are people with social media following fewer than 10000 people. Influencer’s social media accounts with fewer followers as opposed to major influencers have a small but genuine audience with better engagement rate and charge a lesser service fee comparatively. Micro-Influencer marketing is gonna have a better potential in 2019 and you should be adding this to your online marketing strategy as well.

What are you waiting for? Take out your phone and start looking for Influencers to promote your brand.


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Micro-Influencer Marketing trends and facts to look out for in 2019:
  • Micro-Influencers have a 60% higher engagement and are 6.7X more cost-efficient per engagement, compared to Major Influencer marketing.
  • The trend of fraudulent influencers trying to make money with fake followers has come to an end. As stated above, Instagram has improved its algorithm to remove fake followers. Businesses have also started to audit an Influencer’s profile for authenticity with tools like HypeAuditor. If you are an influencer, stay away from fake followers.
  • Many Influencers are on the rise, and many brands have started to leverage this opportunity and have started to spend more money on influencer marketing. Get in the game before it’s too late.

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5) SEO – Grow the organic way!

There are people spreading the rumor that SEO is dead. Is SEO dead? No, It isn’t! It can never be dead. SEO is ever evolving. As long as people search, SEO will always live!

On that note, let’s talk about what you should be doing this 2019 to up your SEO game.

Search engine optimization(SEO) is something that will always help you in the long run. It is going to be the ultimate organic source of traffic for your business or website for years to come. If you haven’t been doing your SEO properly in 2018, then this is your chance to excel. SEO is not easy. But if done right, it’s the best source of traffic you are going to get.

SEO trends and facts to look out for in 2019 (must read):
  • Google is migrating to ‘mobile-first indexing’, which means that Google is going be ranking your website based more on the mobile version than the desktop version of the webpage (Mobile is getting a higher priority). Making your website mobile responsive will also decrease your exit and bounce rate.

  • With the mobile-first indexing, you should try to remove your m-dot websites, if you have any. John Mueller has strongly suggested on Twitter to clear up m-dot website as it confuses the algorithms which version to show to mobile users.


  • Up your game in 2019 with a fully on-page optimized website. Increase your site speed, use properly researched keywords, optimize your tags, build internal links, etc.
  • Voice Search is going to be the future and you should have started optimizing your website for it by now. I will be speaking more on ‘voice search’ in this blog. Keep reading 🙂
  • Google is going to give more importance to the protection of user data. Switch your website from HTTP TO HTTPS. Invest in a good SSL certificate or get a free SSL certificate.
  • Start optimizing your website for snippets and other SERP features to increase your visibility with Google.

  • While SERP snippets can be a great way to increase visibility, it can affect your CTR (Click-Through Rate). Only 60% of searches result in a click. Google wants people to get most of the information they can in the Search Engine Ranking Page (SERP) itself, with the help of SERP snippets and knowledge panels. This is no cause for worry, as improving your headlines along with other tactics will increase your CTR.
  • With an increase in competition every year, you need to be building quality backlinks to excel this 2019. Increase your domain authority by guest blogging along with social media promotion to build links. Links, links, and links – build as much as you can and you will look more trustworthy in the eyes of Google.
  • More than anything, CONTENT is KING, whatever technical or off-page SEO you do, no matter how many quality links you build, your website will never impress Google if you don’t favor your website visitors with amazing content. Write content that is unique and gives value to your readers. Provide VALUE and you will be valued by Google.

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6) PPC all the way

According to Formstack, PPC ads are one of the top three sources of on-page conversions. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is an important tool for every digital marketer because it is where people find you when they are searching for something you provide.

With ‘Google Adwords’ being renamed as ‘Google Ads’, along with an upgrade to their interface, Google Ads has become easier to use along with their new enhancements and tools.

With all these updates, the way of PPC marketing has evolved, and it has brought in more options and better practices when it comes to reach ing customers. Be smart enough to use them in your PPC strategy to increase your conversion rate.

PPC/ Google Ads trends and facts to look out for in 2019:
  • Google is going make google advertisements easier with Automation and Human Intelligence. It is bringing in automated bidding strategies in campaigns, which means you can concentrate more on other parts of the campaign.
  • Audience-targeting will play a major role in PPC rather than keyword targeting. Some experts like Aaron Levy of Elite SEM believes that the era of Keyword targeting may gradually come to an end in 2019 and audience-targeting will drive high-performance campaigns in 2019.
  • We can expect more Ad formats and features this year which will bring more value to PPC ads.
  • Re-targeting will always be a trend in Digital Marketing. It will always result in a higher conversion rate. Never cease to embrace it in your marketing strategy.

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7) Email Marketing

Email is a digital communication tool that is being used by approximately 2.8 billion people worldwide and according to business2community, Email marketing has an ROI potential of 4400 %, which typically means that for every dollar you invest with email marketing you get an ROI of $44.

With this mind-blowing statistic in mind, you should start shaping up your campaigns with email marketing trends that are gonna help you out in 2019.

Email Marketing trends and facts to look out for in 2019:
  • There is going to be a clash between personalization and privacy. While personalized emails to your subscribers do result in more relatable content and reduce the number of unsubscribes, there will be a matter of privacy while collecting their data. Ensure that a proper privacy policy is in place which is easily accessible to the subscriber and let them know how their data is collected and will be used.
  • As the organic reach of social media platforms decrease and the cost of their ads also increase, email marketing will remain a sustainable platform to reach customers. So, start building your email list and start sending well-crafted email.
  • Watch out for smarter spam filters in 2019. According to The Seventh Sense, one out of four emails went to spam in 2017 and this number has been increasing each year. Learn the guidelines to avoid the spam folder while sending an email campaign and you will be less likely to end up in spam.

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8) Personalization:

As technologies evolve, so does digital marketing. People nowadays tend to be more attracted towards personalized content, and that is sort of a given on the why part.

Personalization of content and user experience will create a better atmosphere for the consumer to be more connected to your brand or product.

This has been made possible with the rise of ‘big data’ and ‘data mining’ to deliver personalized content and personalized ads.

In today’s marketing world, the competition is rising and personalization of content is what will allow you to attract more consumers this 2019.

Personalization trends and facts to look out for in 2019:
  • Target the right audience. Do not use the same audience for all your brand’s ad. Understand to whom your ad is the most relevant to. Experiment with different targeting options and optimize your ad accordingly.
  • Create the right content that provides good consumer experience and provides good VALUE(can’t stress this enough).
  • Do Split testing (also called A/B testing) to find out which ad or landing page works better for your consumers.
  • Create content in the format your target audience would prefer. Ex: Images for fashion, Videos for Tutorials, etc.

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9) Voice Search:

20% of the Google Searches are by Voice, thanks to Alexa, Siri & Google, and this percentage is predicted to increase every year. A statistical search analysis by ComScore predicts that in 2020, 50% of all searches will be through voice search.

With people asking questions like “Which restaurant has the best grill in Los Angeles?” or “What Chinese restaurants are Near Me?”, clearly, search optimization is going to be different as the way the search result is conveyed differs.

With voice search queries being much different from text queries, SEO marketers should start preparing their websites exclusively for voice searches.

Voice Search trends and facts to look out for in 2019:
  • The Era of Voice Search has just started and is yet to develop. Text Search will be just as strong as in 2019, but as Voice Search is blooming it is good to keep an eye out and start optimizing your website for voice too.

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10) Chatbots and AI are here to stay!

Chatbots and AI are growing trends in Digital Marketing and their growth will increase in 2019 as brands have started to use chatbots for client servicing widely.

Chatbots are quicker than humans and they offer personalized answers, which has resulted in 45 percent of users preferring chatbot as the primary mode of communication in client servicing.

ChatBot trends and facts to look out for in 2019:
  • It has been estimated that in the next 5 years, 80% of the customer communication by business will be done through chatbots.
  • Start using apps like ManyChat for your facebook page, and similar chatbots for your website and online platform.

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11) Video Marketing:

Video is the best type of content there is. No argument there! Videos will always get you more engagements and they create more impact when compared to image or text-based content.

According to the 2020 Industry Report of Social Media Examiner, 80% of the marketers and businesses use video in their social media marketing strategy. 72% of these businesses say that videos have helped them increase in conversion rate.

If you have not included video marketing in your marketing strategy yet, you should this 2019!

Video marketing trends and facts to look out for in 2019:
  • Youtube is the second largest search engine there is, you should start using this platform for your video marketing strategy. Youtube Ads is going to be the next big thing in the online advertising world as there is an increase in the shift of traditional tv ads to online ads.
  • Video is Going Live! With Instagram, Facebook and now youtube offering live streaming services, it has been found out that live streaming engages more audience than pre-recorded videos.
  • Video is becoming more search friendly! Google is giving even more priority to Videos in search than ever before. They have even released video previews to the video carousel that show up in the search results (which is currently available only in chrome or Google app in android).

  • Video is going 1:1! With everyone having smartphones with good quality cameras, 1:1 video is trending today. Create a 1:1 video with text strips above and below the videos with a progress bar, and see your video views rising.
  • ‘360-degree videos’ are on the rise! 360 videos provide a better interactive experience and will drive better engagement.

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12) Programmatic Advertising:

Programmatic Advertising is the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning to run your online advertising campaigns. Thanks to the evolution of Programmatic advertising, it will reduce the cost of our campaigns by at least 30% and it will save you a lot of time as it reduces manual bidding and manual optimization of campaigns.

According to eMarketer, almost 90% of digital display ads in 2020 are predicted to be programmatic. With in-depth targeting options with respect to variables such as demographics, geographic location and the advantage of reaching potential users with highest interest possibilities; programmatic advertising is something you should embrace this 2019.

Programmatic advertising trends and facts to look out for in 2019:
  • As programmatic advertising provides deep targeting options, it is important to secure the user’s personal data and to make sure of it General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was enforced in 2018. To benefit from Programmatic Advertising make sure that you understand all its regulations and learn how programmatic regulation works.
  • Programmatic advertising will improve even more this year with advance improvements in Artificial Intelligence. Make sure you embrace it this 2019 and make your advertising campaigns more efficient and cost-effective.

13) Consistency is the Key:

Note: If you have directly come to read my final point, go back to the top of the article now. Get more understanding on the trends of digital marketing in 2019 by reading the full article then come back here.

Whatever your content is, let it be Facebook posts, Instagram posts, IGTV videos, Live Videos, YouTube Videos or even Blogs. Consistency is the key!

Posting consistently for a long period of time tends to bring in more fans and followers and you will see people dying for your content to be posted online. All the above digital marketing trends are tied to this very point. If you aren’t consistent in what you do, you will not conquer 2019.


2019 is going to be a challenging year for digital marketers, with automation, personalization and AI technology in the play. So, stay updated with these trends as they come, execute them with consistency and with a relevant audience in mind, and you will get better conversion this year.

If you have found this article informative, share your thoughts on “Digital Marketing Trends in 2019” in the comments below.