Hey there. I am Arokia Vimalan from Chennai. I am a passionate Digital Marketing Practitioner (Also a passionate traveller). I am a co-founder of an eco-travel startup called Hygge Journeys where my passion for travelling and digital marketing meet. 

As most of the digital marketers out there I stumbled upon Digital Marketing as an accident and I have been doing digital marketing since. I started as a web developer during my fourth year of college which led to learning about SEO and its importance for website traffic. And one after the other I learned about digital marketing as a whole and I started applying them to grow Hygge Journeys. This is how my digital marketing journey started. 

Why I Started DigitalVimal.In: 

Here is a backstory for you: 

I have been a below average student all my life. From school to college, I didn’t excel at studies, I had 6 backlogs in total during my engineering. Somehow, during my final semester, I cleared everything. 

During my early fourth year of engineering, I found something that I understood a little bit and grew interested in – Website Designing. I wasn’t that good at programming, but I understood it enough to make a basic website. I was very keen on getting placed during campus placements (Just for the sake of it), and so to build a proper portfolio and to have an upper hand over my backlogs during my interviews, I wanted to make a website. That is when I got into freelancing, did my first website for Hygge Journeys (before I became a partner) and when I learnt about digital marketing and started implementing it, that is when I knew I have found my passion. 

Later I came to know that I was not even eligible for campus placements since I had an arrear at that point. Truth be told, I was happy. Because once I knew my passion, I realised the need for me to get placed was only to make my parents feel secure about my future. So, I quit trying to become a software engineer like most typical parents want their children to be and started exploring my chances with digital marketing. 

My parents gradually started being supportive of watching me be so passionate about something. I then started doing Internships with few amazing digital marketing agencies where I gained a lot of perspective on online marketing. Eventually, I then became an official partner at Hygge Journey and worked at a marketing agency for a year and I quit my job to become a full-time consultant.

In this journey, I realised that I was completely different from who I am now and who I was 2 year back. I was someone below average in school and college, afraid about how my career is going to end up, to someone who doesn’t care about that stuff now. 

Even if I don’t have a job today, or a company as a source of income, I know I can make more money than an average corporate employee my age, just with the skills I have today. I don’t need to be dependent on a job or a company. All that mattered was that I am doing what I love while earning a good amount of money. 

This is not a success story guys. I have a long way to go for that. In fact, I am just getting started. 

The purpose of this backstory is not to brag (if you feel that way). The purpose was to show how my life changed from being a below – average student to being a passionate and skilled digital marketer.

Now answering the question: 

You can change your life too. Change your life to doing what you love and earn an income doing that. 

Majority of the people in India end up working 9Hrs/Day, doing what they don’t love, complaining every day about their jobs and fantasising what else their careers could have been. Every people have their own passion and skills and they compromise that for jobs they don’t favour all just for a regular source of income. 

But what if I can say you could earn money doing what your love? What if I say you will never complain about your jobs ever again? 

This is what digitalvimal.in is all about.

 Whatever passion you have or skill that you have got, this blog is going to help you make a living out of it!

 This blog is going to teach you to empower your passion by leveraging digital marketing. Yes, DIGITAL MARKETING! With the entire world going digital, you have a huge scope of earning a good income doing what you love with the help of the internet.

 It’s not rocket science. But it is going to need a few secret ingredients for you to reach success:
1)    Passion
2)    Creating Value
3)    Hard work 

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